Frequently Asked Questions

Pizza box advertising with Mangia Media is high impact media that is delivered directly into the hands and into the homes of predominantly college-educated adults ages 18-44. Mangia Media is the leader in pizza box advertising having completed major campaigns for clients including Showtime Networks, Sony Pictures, Arena Football, eBay and others.
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Ever been in a pizzeria? These joints are usually tight on space. In addition, the pizzerias pay for those boxes, which means they have money tied up in them. They do not want them sitting around. In fact, most pizzerias order only about a one-week supply of pizza boxes at a time.

We can guarantee the market and the quantity, but cannot guarantee that specific pizzerias within that market will distribute your boxes. The reason for this is simple, we cannot control the box needs of a particular pizzeria during a particular period.

However, if there are specific pizzerias which, for some reason, you really, really want to carry your ads, let us know. We will do our very best to make sure that your boxes appear there.

Following the conclusion of your flight, you will be provided with an affidavit attesting to fulfillment as well as a comprehensive closing report which will detail the number of boxes which were distributed in each region. So you will have our affidavit, our closing report and, most important, our word.
Yes! Though pizza is eaten every day, research has established that the majority of pizzas are delivered on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, key times for advertisers to communicate their messages.
Working with Mangia Media is simple and convenient. We accept digital artwork created with virtually any Macintosh compatible software, and if you need to submit your artwork in some other format, our art department will generally be able to make it work. Upon contracting, you will be provided with specific mechanical requirements as well as recommendations for maximizing the impact of your pizza box advertisement.
Absolutely. We offer four-color process full wraps of the entire pizza box. The printing will be photographic quality. This makes for an extremely powerful advertisement. However, because four-color process requires more complex manufacturing, it is about twice the cost of our standard two color. Though the impact is so huge, we think it is worth every penny…
Generally, we require artwork 3 weeks prior to the first day of the distribution period and slightly longer for four-color process. However, if you have a tighter schedule within which you need to work, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. We had one client call and ask if we could launch a program six days later… we said yes.
Everybody eats pizza. 97% of Americans eat pizza. However, the groups who eat the most pizza are young college-educated adults, tweens and teens, and double income families with kids.
There are several ways to target distribution including focusing distribution to specific areas and even by using different box sizes to reach different markets. For instance, if you want to target two-income families with children, distribution or 16 inch boxes in the suburbs will do it, as that is the size of box used for dinner-sized pies. Conversely, if you are looking to target 18-24 professionals, distribution of 10 inch boxes in metropolitan regions will do it, as that is the size used more often for the one or two slices most people order for lunch. Talk to us about your target and we will design a distribution plan to reach it.
Anyone who wants to reach a young audience in a powerful way. The most popular categories include: television, motion pictures, sports, Internet, telecom, packaged goods, beverages and retailers.

Pizza box advertising is an extremely cost effective advertising vehicle. The average pizza meal lasts 40-minutes and is shared by 4 people! Each ad garners multiple impressions.

The ad is huge! Almost two square feet. And it is literally thrust into your prospect’s hands. We call this the power of pizza.

Most pizza is eaten at dinnertime. For television and movie advertisers this means your ad dollar is not wasted with 7:00am exposure. For advertisers looking for a telephone response, your target will get the ad when they are near the phone and able to take action.