The Mangia Media Difference

Mangia Media has successfully executed over 300 campaigns and distributed in excess of 150 million pizza boxes nationally, for marketers in virtually every category.

Direct to Box Printing

Mangia Media can print up to 4-spot colors, if desired. We request lead times of up to 4 weeks from receiving the approved creative. However, we can tighten this up, if necessary.


4-Color Pre-Print: A two step process, whereby the ad is printed onto professional quality-grade paper and then fused onto the pizza box. This has the look and feel of a magazine ad.


Click on this link to download specifications for spot and 4-color process printing and template for 16″ box. For other box sizes, please contact us.

Pizza Boxes, Chinese Containers/Cups

MM has many assorted products to offer advertisers. Pizza Boxes are our main business. We offer the following:

Pizza Facts

Mangia Media has a track record of working with more than 9,000 quality independent pizzerias (and we have access to an additional 20,000+ if needed).


Explore all flavours of coffee with us. There is always a new cup worth experiencing

Frequently Asked Questions

A myriad of template design inspirations that we have prepared to speed up your project.

Pizza box advertising with Mangia Media is high impact media that is delivered directly into the hands and into the homes of predominantly college-educated adults ages 18-44. Mangia Media is the leader in pizza box advertising having completed major campaigns for clients including Showtime Networks, Sony Pictures, Arena Football, eBay and others.
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Ever been in a pizzeria? These joints are usually tight on space. In addition, the pizzerias pay for those boxes, which means they have money tied up in them. They do not want them sitting around. In fact, most pizzerias order only about a one-week supply of pizza boxes at a time.

We can guarantee the market and the quantity, but cannot guarantee that specific pizzerias within that market will distribute your boxes. The reason for this is simple, we cannot control the box needs of a particular pizzeria during a particular period.

However, if there are specific pizzerias which, for some reason, you really, really want to carry your ads, let us know. We will do our very best to make sure that your boxes appear there.

Following the conclusion of your flight, you will be provided with an affidavit attesting to fulfillment as well as a comprehensive closing report which will detail the number of boxes which were distributed in each region. So you will have our affidavit, our closing report and, most important, our word.
Yes! Though pizza is eaten every day, research has established that the majority of pizzas are delivered on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, key times for advertisers to communicate their messages.
Working with Mangia Media is simple and convenient. We accept digital artwork created with virtually any Macintosh compatible software, and if you need to submit your artwork in some other format, our art department will generally be able to make it work. Upon contracting, you will be provided with specific mechanical requirements as well as recommendations for maximizing the impact of your pizza box advertisement.

Our pizza boxes perfection feedback

The boxes look beautiful. We couldn't be happier.


The client is very happy. Mangia Media's reporting and follow up have been excellent.

Mayo Seitz for Comcast

Our pizza box campaign exceeded our client's expectations.


We are proud of our pizza box campaign.


Your willingness to push through production... was above and beyond.

Blitz Media

We are very happy with the outcome" of our pizza box advertising campaign.

Horizon Media for A&E

Paramount Picture's pizza box advertising campaign was "the best promotional thing a movie has ever done.

The Howard Stern Show

Thank you on behalf of OMG for doing such a great job.

COO, OMG Sedgewick Road for Moxi

We Delivered To These Clients

NY Dragons

History Channel