The Mangia Media Difference

Mangia Media has been the gold standard for pizza box advertising for over twelve years.

Mangia Media has successfully executedover 300 campaigns and distributed in excess of 150 million pizza boxes nationally, for marketers in virtually every category.

Mangia Media’s unique distinction is that we’re not just a full service media/marketing company, our partner, Freeport Paper/Avco Industries owns the printing plants, manufactures the pizza boxes and has a fleet of trucks that deliver our products… all under one roof. No one else in this industry, can lay claim to that.

Mangia Media has the flexibility, quick turn around and attention to detail that no one in this industry can offer.

Mangia Media’s coverage is fully national, regional and has the ability to deliver your ad right down to your zip code and even target neighborhoods.

Mangia Media targets various demographic/psychographic groups: children, tweens, teens, college students, families, gate-keeper moms, urban professionals, African-Americans, Hispanics and more.