TBS: My Boys

Mangia Media’s campaign for TBS’s My Boys, which included pizza boxes with a DVD attachment, delivered 3,290,000 impressions in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia. The campaign won a Silver Award for Marketing Excellence by CTAM, and more than half-a-dozen media mentions about the DVD attachment and high ratings caused the client to remark, “We are very pleased with the My Boys numbers — especially the demographics!  It was great working with you!”

HBO Boxing

HBO Boxing relied on Mangia Media to promote their Mosley v. Wright and Vernon Forrest projects. In addition to delivering 2.2 million impressions in New York City and Los Angeles, to add excitement to the campaign, Mangia Media sent pizzas to training camp, delivered pizzas to the pre-fight press conference, and hosted a pizza party on fight night at Destiny’s Child, a home for mentally challenged adults supported by Vernon Forrest.

ESPN: Cold Pizza

Mangia Media delivered 3 million impressions in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Atlanta on behalf of ESPN. Great use of 2-color creative made this campaign an economical hit.


Mangia Media’s customer acquisition campaign for DirecTV compared DirecTV to cable television. It started in Los Angeles and was so successful the client expanded it to 15 additional markets. Los Angeles saw an increase in customer acquisition of 16%, and Colorado Springs saw a 24% increase during the campaign.

A&E: Growing Up Gotti

A&E promoted Growing Up Gotti via Mangia Media pizza box campaigns for seasons 1, 2 and 3 in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. But the 1 million impressions Mangia Media delivered weren’t even the highlight of the campaign. While several advertising pizza boxes have been sold on eBay, Growing Up Gotti was the high-priced winner, with a sale price of $51!

Disney: Sky High

Mangia Media delivered over 5 million impressions in top 14 markets with the focus on families for Disney’s campaign on behalf of the Sky High DVD and PlayStation game. “I’ve worked with these guys on two campaigns and they are absolutely wonderful”, said Starcom on behalf of Disney.

TBS: Bill Engvall

Not only did Mangia Media delivered over 3 million pizza boxes with DVD attachments in Boston, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia on behalf of TBS’s campaign for Bill Engvall — Mangia Media worked closely with the client to deliver pizzas in promotional boxes to influential DJs in the top five markets.